Next Start-Up Class

September 30 - Oct 4th ( M, Tu, W & F)


Start up is required before joining the regular classes. The four day start up is offered once a month. Contact us to determine when you can start.


Please sign the release waver and submit your information by email or drop it off at the gym. When we have received your packet, you are ready to join a start up class.

In the four sessions, we will:

  • Discover your strengths and limitations to personalize your training.

  • Teach the basic movements and techniques used in the gym everyday such as Olympic lifting, power lifting, calisthenics, and mobility.

  • Build a trusting coach/athlete relationship and establish rules for safety in the gym.

Are you ready to begin your journey to better health? The COR 620 community can help you gain strength, power, flexibility and endurance. Begin this life change with our group of committed coaches and supportive members. Join us today!


Unlimited Memberships

$100 — Startup Month
 — Monthly Unlimited
$50 — Student Unlimited


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Drop-in Classes

$10 — Single Class

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